Who We Are

Millions of African Children are not going to school due to poverty. Instead of the promise of a better future through education with all its attendant benefits, these children engage in street trading to help them and their families survive. The importance of giving these vulnerable children access to quality education therefore, need not be overemphasized as we believe that the best gift one can give to any child is education. For these reasons, the Rochas foundation was established to take the children of the poorest of poor off the streets and open classroom doors to them for a better future.

The foundation’s vision for education is COMPREHENSIVE and focuses on Africa’s under privileged and vulnerable children. This however was propelled by the difficulties the founder faced in going to school as a child due to poverty. At Rochas Foundation, we believe in rehabilitating children by giving them access to free qualitative education, shelter, food and clothing, with counseling services for the abused amongst them, as we seek to rescue them from the damage that must have been done through illiteracy, ignorance and poverty.

Our Vision & Mission

To Make Education Free and Accessible to every less privileged Africa child, Regardless of Tribe, Religion or Class. To build a New Africa through charity.

What We Do



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